My Summer

I made a lot of goals this summer, and I definitely didn’t accomplish all of them. But, two days away from the end of summer, I decided I should look back and see what Idid do this summer. And it turns out, I did quite a lot. This summer, I…

  • made a ton of friends 
  • went to the Holocaust museum 
  • failed my driver’s test 
  • got my license 
  • got my ears pierced 
  • watched a friend leave 
  • got a new car 
  • met people who changed me
  • went to the UN 
  • saw four Broadway shows 
  • saw one of my favorite cousins get married 
  • saw many fireflies 
  • went to the ocean 
  • started applying to colleges 
  • met my new baby cousins 
  • made music 
  • said good-bye—again and again and again
  • traveled completely by myself for the first time
  • went to Disneyland 
  • did my senior pictures 
  • read a ton of new books 
  • wrote 
  • discovered Which Wich 
  • learned about diplomacy 
  • cried 
  • laughed… a lot 
  • went camping 
  • went to a family reunion 
  • drove my sister for the first time 
  • went to my grandparents’ 50th anniversary party 
  • started The Senior Book 
  • went to a sushi restaurant with my dad 
  • saw Las Vegas for the first time 
  • learned that South African boys are flirts 
  • sang on a train 
  • discovered where Bahrain is (and that it exists) 
  • made friends from five of the seven continents 
  • saw an improv show
  • started a blog 
  • went on a dinner cruise 
  • went to the new Forever 21 in New York 
  • took pictures 
  • made memories

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