NaNoWrimo 2013: Day 1

Hello, all!

Sorry for my long blogging hiatus. Today is the beginning of yet another National Novel Writing Month, which means, of course, that I’m procrastinating by writing on my blog. I feel a little justified, though–I went to a midnight kick-off last night and wrote 1,777 words, so I’ve written my goal for the day. Of course, I should get ahead for the days coming up when I won’t actually get there…

The kick-off was a ball! The Pittsburgh Wrimos are a fun and quirky bunch, and hanging around IHOP late into the night pecking words out with them was a lot of fun. One of our awesome MLs (Municipal Liaisons) got us goodie bags, which are great. So I’m off at a good start to the month, though I am a little sleepy this morning.

For those of you on the NaNo site, my screen name is _cgirl921 (a holdover from five years ago that I can’t seem to change). Add me and pressure me to keep up on my word count!

That’s all for now, folks. Count on me to keep blogging as I find ways of procrastinating without being on Facebook. Weeee!


(Wordcount: 1,777)

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