I think I just let my mom talk me into running a half-marathon with her…

It’s called the Slacker Half-Marathon because it’s all down hill. It starts in Loveland around 10,000 feet and comes down to about 8,500 feet in Georgetown. My mom has run it in the past and had a ton of fun, and I suppose I was waiting for another dragon to slay anyway…

Anyway, I’m trying to psych myself up. You know, looking at endless pinterest boards with motivational quotes and clever graphics using “13.1.” I found a training plan and I made an excel calendar with every day meticulously marked. I changed my desktop background to a motivational Disney quote. I joined a website that gamifies overcoming large obstacles.

So this is my battle cry. That is, this is my proclamation in public to attempt to keep myself from chickening out. Supposedly if you tell other people your goals, you’re less likely to wimp out on them. I guess I’m running a half-marathon? *ahem* I mean, I guess I’m running a half-marathon!

This is seriously unlike anything I’ve attempted before. I’m really good at launching myself toward big scary goals–except when they involved working out. So this is something new for me.

And hey, if I can run a half-marathon at 10,000 feet, then the Pittsburgh Half at 1,300 next spring should be no problem! Anyone care to join me?


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